Practical Cleaning Procedures

While there are currently no registered products on the market with a specific claim to eliminate Ebola Virus with the EPA, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends hospital-grade disinfectants to clean and disinfect your facility. Besides personal hygiene, it is critical that facilities are reviewing their current cleaning procedures and implementing proper products (EPA registered disinfectants) into their cleaning program to disinfect their floors, restrooms, tables, chairs, desks, etc.

According to the CDC:

Use a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered hospital disinfectant with a label claim for a non-enveloped virus (e.g., norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus) to disinfect environmental surfaces in rooms of patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus infection. Although there are no products with specific label claims against the Ebola virus, enveloped viruses such as Ebola are susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants used to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. In contrast, non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants. As a precaution, selection of a disinfectant product with a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus is being recommended at this time. EPA-registered hospital disinfectants with label claims against non-enveloped viruses (e.g., norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus) are broadly antiviral and capable of inactivating both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.
By these recommended standards from the CDC, Care Labs recommends Care Spritz to disinfect surfaces in your facility.
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Care Labs to release new product catalog in January 

Care Labs, Inc. is currently working on a new, detailed product catalog. In our effort to become your one-source vendor for your sanitary maintenance needs, we found it necessary to update and publish a new catalog.

We plan to release the catalog in January. It will be sent to you via email (PDF Interactive file), and also be made available in paper format upon request.

We will also be posting portions of the new catalog to our Online Catalog under the Products menu. Check it out!
· Are you disinfecting your animal facility in the most efficient and economical way?
· Have you streamlined your sanitation procedures with a one-product solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing?
· Are you interested in learning how to significantly improve cleaning results AND reduce these costs in your practice?

What should you look for in a disinfectant? 

These are key considerations which directly impact sanitation and your bottom-line: 

(a.) Select a multi-purpose product that is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize.

(b.) Efficacy is paramount – buying cheap disinfectants is a mistake. They are less concentrated, actually cost MORE to use, and often deliver mediocre results. Read the product label. You want to kill resistant strains of bacteria and viruses commonly found in veterinary environments. Gross Soil loads and hard water inactivate germicidal activity - use products that are effective in the presence of soil loads and hard water.

(c.) ODORS turn people off. Your product should eliminate, not mask, bad odors, leaving your facility smelling clean and fresh.

(e.) Highly concentrated products are better – Foamers control dilutions. FOAM expands and CLINGS to provide more efficient wetting of soils and destruction of bacteria while reducing wasteful run-off.

By these standards, Biocide Plus is your one-product solution. Biocide Plus ensures maximum sanitation in your facility, is economical to use, and is environmentally-preferred.

For more information on Biocide Plus, click here.

Brite Plus - The Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Most of us purchase glass cleaner when we are picking up other essential items. In order to "save money," most consumers choose a "ready-to-use" product thinking they are saving money and getting a good product.

However, most ready-to-use products limit your ability to clean glass when there are tough cleaning jobs, such as grease and grime. Purchasing a concentrate allows you to be in charge of the dilution rate, using a more highly concentrated solution for tough cleaning jobs, and a lower concentration for regular cleaning jobs.

BRITE PLUS™ is the economical answer to all glass cleaning needs. BRITE PLUS™ removes finger prints, smudges, smoke stains, dirt, grease and other grime from windows, mirrors, wind­shields, glass display cases, vinyl, formica, ceramic tile, chrome, aluminum and many other glossy surfaces not harmed by water. BRITE PLUS™ cleans thoroughly and dries quickly. Non-ammoniated, fresh smelling.